About Joomla


We have developed and customized dozens of Joomla sites. Through a series of unplanned events, we have emerged as Joomla experts. However, through our experiences, we have seen the aftermath of poor planning and improper customizations.

Our Joomla sites employ core Joomla search-engine-friendly (SEF) url's, tested extensions, core menu systems and minimal static HTML.

The power of Joomla lies in the ability to have stability and uniformity across a site, while allowing easy modifications and changes. We utilize components, modules, plugins and templates that maximize those core features. We do not hack the core Joomla code and do not use static HTML in our templates. Furthermore, we only use W3C compliant HTML and CSS.

That being said... we are very experienced with these types of "hacks" and modifications and are able to work with and correct. Because we know Joomla inside & out and know HTML and CSS, we can modify templates and hacks to produce the desired result.

What is Joomla?

Joomla is an open-source content management system. A content management system is an application that provides user interfaces for setting up, maintaining and editing a website. Additionally, there are thousands of extensions for Joomla, which allow for virtually unlimited possibilities for expansion - all integrated in one common platform.

This site, designmonster.net, is built with and maintained with Joomla.

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Content is king. It doesn't matter what variation of SEO or marketing you subscribe, content is always there.

We utilize the core Joomla sections, categories and articles for content.  To complement those core features, we utilize powerful component, modules and plugins to format and display the content. This may include editors, display modules, advanced menu systems and more.

We also utilize, as appropriate, stock and custom graphics to add visual appeal to the content.


Organization is key to a website - if your visitor cannot navigate your site, they will leave.

We utilize the core components of Joomla as well as extensions - all to aid in the best organization and presentation of the content.

We do not use static HTML for organization. We have seen the effect of this in other sites - it is a shortcut used by inexperienced and possibly "lazy" developers to attempt to create a site. Instead, we use components and modules that allow you maximum flexibility and easy modification.



 We are not SEO specialists, nor will we pretend to be. However, it is impossible to be involved in web design or development and not be involved in SEO. Our experiences is based on industry standards and especially the application to Joomla.

Our SEO modifications and preparations include:

  • Core SEF urls
  • SEF url extensions for components, as necessary
  • use of meta tags, descriptions and titles
  • Sitemaps (primarily Xmap)
We do not generally employ sh404SEF, although we are familiar with it and will use if requested. Additional modifications, such as core header changes, are upon request only.


One of the most common issues that I'm contacted about is Joomla templates.  Joomla templates can be as simple or as complex as you want. Furthermore, they are easy to "hack" or modify. That's where the problems begin.  Too many times templates are hacked to get something done, instead of finding the right plugin, module or component to accomplish task. The result is the lack of versatility and dynamics, which is one, if not the most important features of Joomla.

We prefer to create our templates ourselves, allowing us to have total control over the design, layout and scripts. However, we are no stranger to customizing existing templates.

Because we have a strong background in HTML and CSS, we truly understand how styles and layout work. Furthermore, because we specialize in Joomla, we understand how Joomla works and know how to fuse the two together.

Cross Browser Compatibility

 By default, all of our sites and templates are Internet Explorer 7 & 8, Firefox 3.5 and Safari compatible.

 We do not support Internet Explorer 6. For more information about the problems with Internet Explorer 6, see here.


We have installed Joomla many times, on a variety of servers and services. While we prefer Linux servers, we have installation Joomla on Windows machines.

To be clear, when we say "install", we are not just talking about the web host installation services. We are talking about the creation of the mySQL database, uploading/unpacking of core Joomla and completion of setup and configuration.


We have experience installing, setting up and customizing many Joomla extensions - and the list gets longer all the time!

  • Virtuemart
  • NoixACL
  • AEC Subscription Manager
  • PhocaGallery + plugins
  • SOBI2
  • Chronoforms
  • Xmap + plugins
  • Joomap
  • JoomlaPack
  • JoomPing
  • JCE Editor
  • JoomRSS
  • Automatic Read More
  • Simple Calendar
  • Easy Script
  • CB User Login
  • Juma
  • Joomla Comment
  • Contact Us
  • Camel City Content
  • ALF Contact
  • Content Submit
  • Easy FAQ
  • Extplorer
  • MosNewsWriter
  • mvThumbnails
  • Yuizoom
  • Modalizer
  • MetaMod
  • myBlog
  • sh404SEF